EPS for employees

EPS for employees

Employee Pension Schemes – Your additional pension

Basic contributions funded by your employer are an additional way of saving for your pension
(in the minimum amount of 3.5% of gross monthly salary).
This is an additional way of saving for your pension
Saving on a monthly basis, without any additional action
Very low management costs
Preferential categories of units
Funds are inheritable
and the payment after the acquisition of pension rights is exempt from capital gains tax.
Savings control
Possible transfer payment upon termination of employment (to another EPS or IRA – e.g. with Generali investments TFI).

Additional investments on preferential terms:

  • No fees for opening the IRA or IRSA register and for acquisition, repurchase and replacement of units.

  • Reduced management fees units of dedicated categories are acquired as part of the products.

  • Extending its portfolio to include IRA and IRSA increases the safety cushion for retirement years.

  • “Twoja przyszłość” [Your Future] IRA and IRSA can be opened on-line in just a few minutes – in the Transaction Service System

Easy access to your savings

Any employee pension scheme Member can easily access his/her account in the Transaction Service System where he/she can:

check the balance of savings;
purchase units of the sub-funds available in our offering;
update their data;
see the history of transactions;
check the investment return;
conclude an IRA or IRSA agreement on preferential terms.

We have taken care of all our EPS participants in the process of granting access to the Transaction Service System.

Use the mojeID mojeID service to gain quick and secure access to the Transaction Service System.

Learn more

All you need to do is open an account, choosing the identity confirmation option using the mojeID service. The system will guide you through the steps of data verification up to the activation of your online access.

If your bank does not have a mojeID service on the list, please use the form and verify your identity through a Virtual Branch.

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