Generali Akcji Ekologicznych
Equity sub-fund
Portfolio risk:
interface.minPayment100 PLN

Amount invested 100 PLN
Gained result * 0 PLN
Final value 0 PLN
*In selected day of the beginning of the investment fund was not yet measured.
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* The results obtained may be reduced by the front-load fees and the taxes due.

Fund Characteristics
Umbrella Generali Fundusze SFIO
Min. investment horizon 5 years
Min. initial payment 100 PLN
Min. next payment 100 PLN
Investment Policy

The investment objective of the sub-fund is an increase in the value of assets as a result of investment value growth. Generali Akcji Ekologicznych is a sub-fund with exposure to sustainable stocks obtained by investing at least 70% assets in the shares of Sycomore Europe Eco Solutions, a ring-fenced sub-fund of Sycomore Fund SICAV. The source sub-fund invests mainly in european companies benefiting from the environmental transformation from five sectors: transport, energy, construction, circular economy (resource waste reduction) and ecology. The source sub-fund excludes companies which destroy the ecosystem or have a low ESG score. Investment categories listed in the articles of incorporation, other than Sycomore Europe Eco Solutions shares, can jointly account for no more than 30% of the Sub-fund’s assets. The exchange rate risk is hedged by transactions in foreign currency derivatives.

Investor profile

The sub-fund is addressed to investors who:
● are interested in investing in environmentally-friendly solutions,
● want to benefit from the green revolution,
● accept high investment risk,
● whose investment horizon is at least 5 years.

Subfund manager Marek Straszak
Inception date 2021-06-30
Max. front-load fee 5%
Max. management fee 2%
Bank account number PL 15 1880 0009 0000 0013 0162 8000
Currently charged management fee 2%