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ESG and investing The summer season has brought further anomalous weather conditions. This reminds us about climate issues which are among the most important ESG criteria and relate to sustainable development and its objectives presented by the UN.

Published: 05.08.2021

Current Market situation comment Russian aggression against Ukraine intensified the wave of risk aversion that had been building up for some time. Significant discounts continued and affected all asset classes, especially instruments of Russian entities. The market had already been under pressure for some time and the materialisation of the negative scenario pushed it towards new short-term minima.

Published: 25.02.2022

Current Market situation comment - update on 01/03/2022 The outbreak of war in Ukraine continues to have a negative impact on financial markets. The sanctions introduced in recent days, including the cutting off of large Russian banks from the SWIFT system and the isolation of Russia from financial markets, have had an impact on today's quotations of sub-funds with exposure to entities linked to this market.

Published: 02.03.2022

Current Market situation comment - update on 02/03/2022 The valuation of funds managed by Generali Investments TFI, published today, takes into account subsequent actions of the managers aimed at reducing the share of assets with exposure to the Russian market.

Published: 03.03.2022