SGB Bankowy
Short-term bond sub-fund
Portfolio risk: low
Minimalna kwota to 100 PLN

Amount invested 100 PLN
Gained result 0 PLN
Final value 0 PLN
*In selected day of the beginning of the investment fund was not yet measured.
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Fund Characteristics
Umbrella Generali Fundusze SFIO
Min. investment horizon of more than 3 months
Min. initial payment 1000 PLN
Min. next payment 1000 PLN
Investment Policy

The investment objective of the subfund is an increase in the value of the subfund’s assets as a result of investment value growth. The fund applies the investment principles and limitations for a close-ended
investment fund. The main categories of the subfund deposits are debt securities and money market instruments. The funds of Participants will be invested by the fund on the account of the subfund in money market instruments and other debt securities, for which the remaining time until maturity does not exceed 397 days, or the interest rate is established for no more than 397 days,  however instruments eligible as money market fund investments will not constitute a significant share. The share of other categories of deposits must be lower than 30% of the subfund assets value.

Subfund manager Marek Warmuz
Inception date 2013-10-01
Max. front-load fee 0%
Max. management fee 1%
Bank account number 42 1880 0009 0000 0013 0089 4000
Currently charged management fee 0,9%
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